The sales policy of Tejan factory is characterized by selling with flexible units system for your peace of mind

Each unit used has a price and special specifications that distinguish it from pricing in the meter system

Because the value is for the unit with all its inclusions that suit your taste.

pricing systems

economic segment

Prices starting from 775 per unit up to 6350

The special slide

With prices starting from 980 to 8310

With imported materials treated for moisture and scratches, Turkish and European soft-close accessories for a product that will last for years

Types of modern kitchens by the brand Tijan

The inner boxes are distinguished by the diversity of materials. We have an internal structure (MDF / counter) according to your choice

Tijan is characterized by a variety of materials for the external cover, we have the best materials for imported Turkish and Indian wood

Melamine Castmanu from the Turkish company Medlam
HPL from the Indian company Green Lam
Arcuba and Yuvilac from the Turkish company Yildiz Integrity
Polylac from the Turkish company Jazira
Polylac from the Turkish company Jazir

Long life accessory crowns are used for your products

Turkish accessories from the Turkish company Samet
Austrian accessories from the company Bloom
European Union accessories from Titus European Union